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Chretien Foreshadows Vote-buying Techniques

Date: JUN03-97
Source: Canoe
Keywords: HRDC, vote-buying

I just found the following quote from the Prime Minister as part of his victory speech after barely winning the last election.

The PM's intellect-devoid brush-offs of criticism over Shovel-Gate are almost always statements about how HRDC sends money to all MPs' ridings, not just to the ridings held by Liberals. I wonder if that kind of "vote-buying" was what was on his mind when he made the statement below?

Posted: JUL14-00
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SHAWINIGAN, Que. (CP) - ... "I pledge to govern for the whole country, in the interests of all Canadians, not just those who voted for my party, and in the interests of all regions of Canada, not just those who voted Liberal. And where we did not win votes today, I'm telling you ... we will work very hard to win their confidence over the coming mandate."

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