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Liberals Shut Out Citizen Input on Bill C-23

Date: MAR17-00
Source: Eric Lowther, MP
Keywords: despotism, Bill C-23, same-sex "marriage"
Comment: Lowther motions for Justice Committee to travel and be televised are shot down: A typical Liberal response to citizen concern over controversial legislation.
Posted: JUL14-00
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Ottawa - Today, Eric Lowther (MP, Calgary Centre) expressed his disappointment that the Liberals refuse to hear from ordinary Canadians on their same-sex benefits legislation, Bill C-23.

"Yesterday in the Justice Committee, I moved motions to have the committee to travel to every province and hear witnesses on Bill C-23, and to have the committee hearings televised. In both cases, the Liberal-dominated committee voted against the motions and they were defeated," Lowther said. "I am particularly disappointed that the Justice Committee chairperson Andy Scott (MP, Fredericton), upon a tie vote of the committee members, cast the deciding vote against the committee proceedings to be televised."

Bill C-23 proposes to amend 68 federal statutes affecting 20 departments and agencies to extend benefits to same-sex couples. The bill proposes to extend benefits based on a person's private sexual activity, while excluding other types of dependency relationships. In effect, the bill would remove any sort of unique public policy recognition of the institution of marriage.

"Since Bill C-23 was introduced by the government, the emails, letters and faxes of opposition have been pouring into MP offices. The Liberals clearly know that the more people find out about this bill, the more opposition they will face. Their conduct in forcing this massive bill through without proper debate and by excluding public input is shameful," Lowther concluded.


For more information, call: Eric Lowther, MP (613)-995-1127

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