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"Modern" equals "Socialist"

Date: SEP29-00
Source: House of Commons Hansard
Keywords: socialism
Posted: OCT06-00
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BQ leader, Mr. Gilles Duceppe: "He modernized Canadian law. He led Canadians on the road to a modern day state which reflected the evolution of our societies."

NDP leader, Alexa McDonough: "He firmly believed in a strong, active and proud federal government. He modernized the public service. He proved that a career in the public sector could be honourable and respectable."


Many people today are unaware that the term "modern" and its derivatives in the above statements are synonyms for "socialist." Pierre Trudeau increased the numerical size of the government. He also increased the cost of the federal government, both in terms of program spending and increasing the remuneration for government bureaucrats. He also worked to centralize more power in the federal government at the expense of the provinces, as well as to centralize federal authority in his office at the expense of the balance of powers contained within the federal political structure.

That is what knowledgeable people mean when they say that Trudeau modernized the Canadian government. It is not without consequence that the individuals making the above statements are themselves socialists. Alexa McDonough sits on the Presidium of the International Socialists.

When Prime Minister Jean Chretien says that he intends to invoke the legacy of Mr. Trudeau in his upcoming election campaign, this is part of the baggage that is represented by that statement. - TB

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