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Date: OCT10-00
Source: Editorial Committee,
Comment: We want to provide our readers with some insight into our intentions in creating this site. The belief system and editorial principles we adhere to are listed so you, the reader, can hold us accountable.
Posted: OCT11-00
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Summary Statement

God, as He reveals Himself in the Bible, is Creator and King; He owns the world and all creatures; He, therefore, sets the rules to justly govern human societies.

A General Purpose Statement

To provide useful source of factual information and commentary on Canadian politics; to provide an alternative to the constant media bias, selective reporting, and anti-information on the TV and in the press; to provide thoughtful responses and solutions to the many real issues threatening the prosperity and freedom of this nation.


The purpose of this web site is three-fold:

Firstly, to document the beliefs and values of the Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, and the Liberal Party of Canada, gleaned as much as possible from direct quotes and documented events;

Secondly, to present - in contrast - what we believe to be the true and necessary principles and policies for civil politics;

Thirdly, to provide a clear presentation of the biblical Christian worldview which is the only moral and livable alternative worldview to that represented by Jean Chretien, the Liberal Party and their ideological kin in the political sphere.


Our primary task is peeling back the veil of the lovable, affable, middle-of-the- road, Prime Minister through quotes and some events that indicate a consistency and historical continuity in his theology and philosophy. The Liberal Party must be deposed. We will show that the problems of Jean Chretien and the Liberal Party are not simply isolated incidents, but are part of a consistent track record.

We're focusing on material that will convince thinking people that they should not put their support behind Jean Chretien or the party he leads and has significantly shaped. This site will also aim to provide material in printable formats which people can easily use to influence friends and acquaintances.

Ideally, though secondarily, it would also be good to provide people with a worthwhile research source whether or not they support our position.

We will have a balance of sobriety and humour in our site content. It can't be all dry, but any provocative or satirical pieces must be tasteful. We want to demonstrate a Biblical attitude towards those who hold positions of God-given authority.


Christians are to be salt, a savor which transforms all areas of life into obedience to Jesus Christ's Lordship. Politics is a God-ordained sphere of activity which should be carried out according to His will. Christians must respond to ungodly political practices with respectful opposition, being mindful not to dishonour "the Lord's anointed." Christians must demonstrate a spirit of service working at polling stations, organizing local meetings, distributing flyers, developing strategy, etc.

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