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Date: OCT05-00
Source: A Time For Change: An Agenda of Respect for All Canadians
Keywords: taxation, Liberal spending
Comment: The Liberals claim that government operations are so tight today that meaningful spending cuts would be at the expense of health care and education. On the contrary, in their recent election platform, the Canadian Alliance Party has illustrated several self-evident examples of government waste, indicating that there is plenty of money still to be cut from government spending without touching health care and education.
Posted: OCT12-00
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Here are just a few of the non-priority spending areas we will change. Money down the drain Every day, the Liberal government approves programs that simply waste taxpayers' money. These few random examples are just the tip of the iceberg:

  • $127,000 to make "Bubbles Galore" a pornographic film funded by the taxpayer
  • $98,000 grant from Canadian Heritage to print "500 Best Blonde Jokes"
  • $407,673 to fund the production of a theatrical "Tale of Fantasy" - where else but in the Prime Minister's own riding?
  • $4,100 for "a communication device to interact with rotting grapefruits"
  • $20 million per year for the Canada Information Office, a mysterious federal propaganda agency
  • Liberal cancellation of EH-101 helicopter contract cost taxpayers $1 billion
  • $60 million to cancel the Pearson Airport contract

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