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CA Plans Spending Reforms

Date: OCT05-00
Source: House of Commons Hansard
Keywords: privatization EI
Comment: Th article demonstrates Liberal commitment big-government, socialistic institutions which they fear the CA will destroy.
Posted: OCT12-00
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(While the editors of share many common viewpoints with the CA, we do not endorse the Party as a whole.)


Hon. Andy Scott (Fredericton, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, tonight the reform alliance releases its election platform and early reports show that one thing is clear. It plans to stick it to Atlantic Canada.

The Alliance is committed to ending all funding for ACOA, privatizing CBC television, privatizing VIA Rail, slashing the budget of HRDC, eliminating Technology Partnerships Canada, gutting the employment insurance system, removing mechanisms for the federal government to enforce the principles of the Canada Health Act and eliminating subsidies for farmers and fishers. All of this is expected to be in the Alliance's platform to be unveiled tonight.

Who wrote the Atlantic Canada section of this brutal platform? John Mykytyshyn. With this kind of platform, the Alliance will get exactly what it got in the last election in Atlantic Canada; zip.

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