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Chretien's Integrity Costing Liberals Support

Date: OCT14-00
Source: National Post
Keywords: personal integrity
Comment: Sincere interest in serving the people, and honesty are key traits in any politician. Chretien's faltering record brings into question his fitness for office.
Posted: OCT18-00
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PM arrogant, least honest, but 1st choice
Alliance up to 26%: poll
Robert Fife

OTTAWA - Canadian voters perceive Jean Chrétien as the most arrogant and the least honest of the party leaders, ...

"He is not perceived as especially honest while suffering from a certain image of arrogance."


"If [Mr. Chrétien] behaves and is interpreted as arrogant ... he is in trouble, but if he tempers the part of him that people perceive as arrogant and speaks in a way that is considered honest, he will ride home," Mr. Winn concluded.


Although the strongest electoral asset of the Chrétien Liberals is the perception that they embody the "values and beliefs of ordinary Canadians," Mr. Winn said, the Prime Minister must tread carefully in trying to portray Mr. Day and his party as extremist, especially since Mr. Day has watered down some policies of the former Reform party to appeal to moderate voters.

The death of Pierre Elliott Trudeau has not apparently benefited the Liberals, despite plans by Mr. Chrétien to exploit the former prime minister's name during the election campaign. Many Canadians felt overexposed to news coverage of Mr. Trudeau's death.


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