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Evading Parliament

Date: OCT17-00
Source: 2000 Report of the Auditor General of Canada
Keywords: despotism, parliamentary reform
Comment: The Auditor General points out government malpractice in the development of Downsview Park. This incident illustrates the Chretien government's hostility to accountability and the democratic process.
Posted: OCT18-00
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17.72 Each step in the founding and development of Downsview Park was completed in accordance with the relevant governing legislation - except for the payment of $2 million, as described in paragraph 17.69. However, the individual steps together had the effect of leaving Parliament out of the decision-making process.

17.73 In our view, if the Government of Canada wishes to set up an urban park and invest more than $100 million of public funds therein, it should have clear and explicit approval from Parliament to do so.


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