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Date: OCT20-00
Source: Prime Minister's Office Email News Release
Keywords: economics, Federal jurisdiction
Comment: Increasingly the Federal government is infringing on provincial/municipal jurisdiction. Learn to identify this Liberal enslavement techinque: Give 'free' handouts to "create jobs and boost local economies." Citizens respond: "See how well the Federal government takes care of us?" But most don't realize that they're trading away their freedom.

It is a great achievement of propaganda where a nation's govenment can enslave its citizenry with their own money!
Posted: OCT24-00
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Subject: News Releases
Date: 20 Oct 2000 11:39:18 -0400

Prime Minister Announces the signing of the Infrastructure Canada-Ontario Partnership and Investments of More Than $2.5 Billion in Ontario Communities PRIME MINISTER ANNOUNCES THE SIGNING OF THE INFRASTRUCTURE CANADA-ONTARIO PARTNERSHIP AND INVESTMENTS OF MORE THAN $2.5 BILLION IN ONTARIO COMMUNITIES

October 20, 2000
Ottawa, Ontario

Today, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, accompanied by Premier Mike Harris of Ontario, as well as by the Honourable David Collenette, Minister of Transport for Canada and Minister responsible for the Greater Toronto Area, and by the Honourable Ernie Eves, Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier of Ontario, announced the signing of the Infrastructure Canada - Ontario Partnership Agreement in Toronto.

"This is great news for the people of Ontario," said Prime Minister Chrétien. "This agreement - just like the ones we now have signed with all the other provinces - will generate new investments that will improve the quality of life of millions of Canadians in communities across Canada. This is the kind of team work Canadians want and deserve from their governments"

Under this agreement the Government of Canada will invest over $680 million over six years, to complement the Government of Ontario’s SuperBuild investment of $1.9 billion over five years in Ontario’s community infrastructure. This combined investment of more than $2.5 billion will be used to partner with Ontario’s municipalities through the Government of Ontario’s SuperBuild initiative.

An important priority of the Infrastructure Canada - Ontario partnership is green municipal infrastructure, particularly water and sewer systems. Other priorities for the Infrastructure Canada - Ontario partnership include sport, culture and tourism infrastructure.

As part of its commitment to undertake initiatives that make a long-term contribution to a dynamic economy, the federal government has allocated $2.65 billion for its share of a new cost-shared physical infrastructure program. Infrastructure Canada deals with municipal infrastructure. A strategic highways component, with funding of up to $600 million of the total allocation, is administered by Transport Canada.

Through the Infrastructure Canada partnership, federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments will invest a total of $6 billion in municipal infrastructure in urban and rural communities across Canada. -30-

PMO Press Office: (613) 957-5555 Visit the Infrastructure Canada Web Site:


Infrastructure Canada - Program Fact Sheet

In the last Budget, the Government of Canada announced $2.65 billion for physical infrastructure. Of this amount, up to $600 million will be allocated to strategic highways infrastructure to be administered by Transport Canada. With contributions from our provincial, territorial and municipal partners, and the private sector, Infrastructure Canada will generate at least $6 billion in total infrastructure investment.

The Government of Canada will contribute up to one-third of the cost of individual projects. This contribution could be higher in some instances, as long as Government of Canada funding does not exceed one-third of the total cost of projects funded in a given fiscal year.

The Infrastructure Canada program is based on partnerships with provincial and territorial governments and municipal associations. All orders of government have played an important part in the design of this new program.

Infrastructure Canada has been designed with a bottom-up approach. Accordingly, municipalities will play an important role in the program. The majority of projects will be selected from proposals submitted by municipalities to ensure that the most pressing local needs will be addressed. The federal and provincial governments may also propose projects, up to a maximum of 20 per cent of the Infrastructure Canada funds, to ensure that regional projects, involving more than one municipality, are not overlooked.

Initial consultations with provinces and territories, municipal associations and other stakeholders confirmed a commitment on the part of all jurisdictions to make a long-term contribution to improving the quality of life and building a more dynamic economy for Canadians.

Infrastructure Canada’s first priority is green municipal infrastructure. Investments within the "green" envelope will include projects related to water and wastewater systems, water management, solid waste management and recycling, and capital expenditures to retrofit or improve the energy efficiency of buildings and facilities owned by local governments.

The Infrastructure Canada-Ontario agreement specifies a minimum 40 per cent of the total value of all approved projects must be invested in green municipal infrastructure.

Secondary priorities of the program include cultural and recreational facilities, infrastructure supporting tourism, rural and remote telecommunications, high-speed Internet access for local public institutions, local transportation and affordable housing.

To ensure the infrastructure needs of rural communities are considered, a minimum 15 per cent of total approved costs for all projects in Ontario must be invested in projects proposed by rural municipalities.

As a next step towards the implementation of the Infrastructure Canada program, a management committee will be established in each jurisdiction, with equal representation from the federal and provincial or territorial governments.

The management committee will accept and process project applications submitted by municipal governments in each jurisdiction. Information about how to submit project applications will be available soon. For More Information: Visit the Infrastructure Canada Web Site: Call the Government of Canada Information line (toll free): 1 8ŘŘ O-Canada (1 800 622-6232) TTY/TDD 1 800 465-7735

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