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Envy Foundation of Liberal Taxation Philosophy

Date: OCT05-00
Source: House of Commons Hansard
Keywords: taxation, Marxism, envy
Comment: The foundation of Liberal tax policy is deep-seated envy of the wealthy. It has nothing to do with concern for the poor or justice. Those who want to use the power of government to satisfy their own covetousness are consumed by one of the most vulgar immoralities. (See Exodus 20:17)
Posted: OCT25-00
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Ms. Judy Sgro (York West, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, the Canadian Alliance purposes a flat tax which would have exactly the opposite effect of a fair and progressive tax system.

Under this plan, the higher the income, the bigger the tax break. For example, a taxpayer earning $30,000 would receive a tax reduction of about $600, while another taxpayer earning $200,000 would receive a break of over $22,000. That is not fair.

The Liberal government believes tax cuts must benefit all Canadians, but first they must benefit those who need it the most; low and middle income Canadians and families. Our five year plan will reduce personal income taxes by an average of 15%. Combined with cuts in the last three budgets, annual personal income tax reductions total 22% and for families with children, at least 30%. That is a fair and equitable approach to income tax reform.

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