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Liberals Support Subsidy for Immorality

Date: OCT17-00
Source: House of Commons Hansard
Keywords: poverty, demoralization
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Posted: OCT27-00
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Ms. Susan Whelan (Essex, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, with a population of nearly six billion on our planet, we should be aware that two-thirds, or approximately four billion, live in relative poverty, while 1.3 billion live on one American dollar a day. Seventy per cent of those living in poverty are women. These conditions are in part what has prompted the organization of the World March of Women.

Canada also faces poverty issues. Children who live in low income families made up 13% of all children under the age of 18 in 1997. Of that number, 40% were living with a single female parent. Homelessness, often equated with the extreme side of poverty in Canada, is affecting young women at an earlier age. Women and men from countries all over the world have signed a petition that will be presented to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, along with a list of demands to help eliminate poverty and, in particular, the feminization of poverty. Let us add our voices to those calling for an end to poverty for women in Canada.

Comment: The "feminization of poverty" is primarily the result of irresponsible/sinful behaviour, and primarily irresponsible/sinful sexual behaviour, by both men and women. Authentic Christianity does not advocate the anti-solution of throwing more government funds at the problem, thereby subsidizing it. The Bible commands sexual behaviour only within the confines of marriage, and teaches the principles for healthy family living. A return to such behaviour will eliminate the "feminization of poverty. "

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