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Concerned staff trim Chrétien's events

Date: OCT21-00
Source: National Post
Keywords: election, tired Liberals
Comment: Is 66-year-old Chretien up to the job of leading the country into the 21st century?
Posted: OCT27-00
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Concerned staff trim Chrétien's events
Unforced errors feared
Robert Fife

OTTAWA - Liberal strategists are making arrangements to minimize the Prime Minister's fatigue-induced campaign errors by preparing an undemanding events schedule for the five-week election he will set in motion tomorrow.

Yesterday, with the 66-year-old Prime Minister preparing to seek the dissolution of the shortest majority government since 1911, it emerged Mr. Chrétien berated an aide for scheduling too many events on a two-day visit to Vancouver and Edmonton earlier this month. It resulted in Mr. Chrétien's staff agreeing to reduce his workload.

Despite Mr. Chretien's occasional shows of vigour, such as his photo-call on skis last winter, his staff have decided to limit his routine to a maximum of four daily events during the five-week campaign because they are concerned the Prime Minister may become tired and begin making unforced errors.

Their nervousness was apparently borne out this week when the Prime Minister mystified members of his own caucus by saying the next election would be fought in part over the issue of prostitution in Brazil.


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