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Date: OCT30-00
Source: CHP Communique
Keywords: corruption, child day care
Comment: If government left these tax dollars in their rightful owner's pockets, we wouldn't have to fight about which "righteous" social cause should receive government funding. If anybody besides the government takes your money and uses it for something you don't believe in, it is called theft!
Posted: NOV11-00
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Vol . 7  No  44
October 30, 2000
Christian Heritage Party of Canada
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by National Leader Ron Gray

In the '70s, I worked with a man named Charles Long to help develop a new public information agency for the Federal Government. Our goal was for government to serve the public better. The department was headed by the urbane Jean-Louis Gagnon; his Assistant Deputy Minister was Tom Axworthy.

They were all very emphatic as they laid down guidelines for the agency: "It would be immoral to use public money in any way to influence public opinion," Long stressed.

That kind of commitment to principles seems to have died in Ottawa during the last 30 years. Today, it's a sure sign of an impending election if you see a sudden flood of government advertising on television-expounding the virtues of the governing party's policies.

And it's happening again, right now.

I don't know the cost of it - you can be certain it's in the millions of dollars - but I know who's paying for the Federal Government's current campaign of warm, heart-tugging ads about children; you and I are. And it's election advertising for the Liberals.

And I know who those ads are intended to benefit. Not the children!

No, these ads cater to the lucrative part of the daycare industry that is the big push behind the Liberal Party's plan to spend $12 to $15 billion a year of your money - more than $150 a month of new taxes to be imposed on every Canadian family - to warehouse Canada's children - even though research shows it's not good care for the children, and more than 80% of parents don't want it.

Three main groups would benefit from this juggernaut, being so carefully orchestrated to "sovietize" Canadian children: 1 - The biggest group of parents using daycare is NOT "needy single moms": it's upper-middle-class, two-income families that want a second BMW in their suburban driveway. 2 - The biggest beneficiaries are not daycare workers, who mostly get only minimum wages. It's the highly-paid educators whose cushy careers depend on an ever-expanding market for programs to train those minimum-wage w orkers. By the way, they don't call it "daycare training" any more; they call it "early childhood education". But it's still warehousing the kiddies. 3 - The Liberal Party of Canada is the Parliamentary lobby for the daycare industry. What will the Liberals get in return? Lots of organized help - including fundraising and campaign workers - from the "early childhood education" lobby.

And you and I pay the bill for all of it.

Thirty years ago, the misuse of public money was called "corruption". You can see it tonight, on your TV screen.

Oh, Canada! Who stands on guard for thee?

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