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Leaders Target Chrétien's Faults in Debate

Date: NOV09-00
Source: National Post
Keywords: arrogance, corruption
Comment: Rivals point out a few of Chretien's most glaring faults: his blatant contempt for democracy; his arrogant assumption that the federal government is central to a good economy; and his apathy toward a justice system that favours the criminal above the victim.
Posted: NOV11-00
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Leaders go for Chrétien from debate's outset
By John Ward, The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - Opposition leaders went straight for Jean Chrétien, the Prime Minister, again Thursday night in the second debate of the federal election campaign, accusing him of arrogance, waste and leaving the health-care system on the brink of chaos.

Joe Clark, the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, offered the harshest criticism of the Prime Minister in his opening statement. He said Mr. Chrétien thinks he's solely responsible for the country's rosy economic state. "He thinks he can get away with anything," Mr. Clark said. "On Nov. 27, send him a message."


Mr. Day took a softer tact, saying he wants to be prime minister out of "a deep and abiding love for this country." He said the Alliance will cut taxes, support health care, help family farms and tighten up the justice and corrections system. "The Canadian Alliance will bring restoration to our eroded democracy," he said. He did conclude, however, with a dig at Mr. Chrétien when he spoke of "broken promises, arrogance, waste and secrecy."


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