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Chretien's Baby-killing Statement Condemned

Date: NOV06-00
Source: Press release from Campaign Life Coalition
Keywords: abortion
Comment: Chretien may be powerful, but does he really think he can define reality by his statements? For the record, there is NOT "social peace" over the abortion issue. In fact in the year 2000 over 100,000 pre-born Canadians will die as a result of abortions.
Posted: NOV16-00
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For Immediate Release
How does the current Prime Minister sleep at night?

Speaking to a Quebec Liberal women's group he said, "we have social peace in Canada on the question of abortion" (since the 1988 Supreme Court decision struck down the law).

Chretien was there in 1969 working with his friend and boss, Pierre Trudeau, to open the floodgates to mass killing of those waiting to be born.

Chretien was there in 1988 applauding the decision to strike down the law leaving Canada in a state of lawlessness and the babies, in utero, totally defenseless.

Chretien has carried out his campaign to continue the slaughter throughout his political career.

Two million dead babies are a shameful legacy. Jean Chretien's concept of social peace demonstrates how far removed the Liberal leader is from what is really happening in Canada.

There will never be peace for Canada or for Jean Chretien because two million victims cry out for justice.

Mother Teresa said it best in 1979: "The greatest destroyer of peace today is the crime against the innocent unborn child."

Does any political leader in this election campaign have the intestinal fortitude to take an uncompromising stand for life?

Media Information: Jim Hughes, National President, Campaign Life Coalition 416-204-9749 Mary Ellen Douglas, National Organizer, Campaign Life Coalition 613-389-4472 Karen Murawsky, National Public Affairs Office 613-729-0379

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