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Date: AUG29-00
Source: Official Prime Minister's web site
Keywords: Marxism, demoralization, gun control, abortion
Comment: Translation: "hope" = a powerful central government will take care of us, and control us; "inclusion" = accept homosexual "public sex" agenda; tolerance = support publicly funded execution of pre-born children who are inconvenient to their parents; "compassion" = the state will save us from ourselves, controling all lethal weapons, because big brother knows best; "sharing" = stealing from those who have worked hard, and redistributing their inheritance according to the fancy of various irresponsible individuals who will vote Liberal
Posted: OCT07-00
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Do you think we are worried about going into an election in which we will speak about Canadian values? We will speak the language that Canadians know so well and that has made us an example to the world. The language of hope. The language of inclusion. The language of tolerance. The language of compassion. And the language of sharing.


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